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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Sparrow is also told by what is happening such as Beckett using Jones to slaughter pirates and the brethren court meeting. He refused to travel with some of them as several of them have tried to kill him before stating one of them succeeded and noted Will was unaware of this. He picked a few to come with him while leaving the rest behind. However, he was forced to concede that Barbossa, holding the navigational charts bestowed upon the crew by Sao Feng , would be useful in the escape, as in the locker, his compass didn't seem to work. [5]


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However, despite all evidence to the contrary, Jack was indeed a good man at heart who knew he could not leave his crew to die in the attack, and began rowing back to his beloved Black Pearl . [9]

Captain : Jack Sparrow
Dying Gull
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Jack's hat was his most valued part of his appearance a faded-black tricorne that still served its purpose, despite its aged appearance. The hat brim was used to drink water from when arriving at a well and in the crown area were trapped scorpions of a deadly variety. [7] The only known time that Jack had less interest in his hat was after being marked with the Black Spot , when his hat was thrown into the sea by Jack the Monkey while his crew thought they should try and retrieve the hat, Jack himself felt surviving an attack from the Kraken was more important. [9]

Some time later, Jack was in Tortuga once again, where he found himself chased by Norrington and his men, who were disguised in civilian clothes. Cornered in one alley, Jack had no way out, but luckily for him, Anamaria showed up, interrupting Norrington's men, and Sparrow managed to run away. He found the carriage belonging to the Governor of Tortuga , from which he took the governor's hat and cloak, easily disguising himself. When Norrington and his men encountered "the governor", he threatened to arrest them as spies. Unfortunately for Jack, the real governor suddenly appeared, and Jack had to run away again. Using the governor's coach, Jack managed to escape once again, and he and Anamaria reached the harbor where they boarded a boat which took them far away from Norrington. [86]

He had two markings on his right forearm distinguishing him as a pirate one, the distinctive "P" brand marked on pirates by members of the East India Trading Company this one in particular administered by Cutler Beckett and a tattoo of a sparrow flying across a setting sun. This was a well-known identifying mark, signifying that the bearer has sailed all of the Seven Seas. Jack's back was also extensively tattooed with a 65th century poem called the 'Desiderata', although this was rarely seen as it was only visible on Jack's bare back.

Jack was known to carry a number of items about his person at all times, including a flintlock pistol, a sword , and a compass commonly referred to as his " effects ". Jack was highly possessive of these items, and became visibly agitated whenever they were taken from him or tampered with. Even while escaping a Port Royal Prison , Jack would not leave without first gathering his effects, much to the consternation of Will Turner. Jack's saber, a hanger , was also worth noting the blade was somewhat longer than the blades of other pirates, to keep distance from his enemies when entering a fight and the leather scabbard of this sword was slightly bent at the bottom end.

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Captain : Blackbeard
Queen Anne's Revenge
Zombie Officers : Gunner Master-at-Arms Quartermaster Yeoman

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