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List Of Mohd Rafi's Songs: songs of mohd rafi

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dear admin you did a great job. i requsting you please add movie name beside of song name it is very useful and easy to find the song. thanking you keep it up

Abhijeet - Badi Mushkil Hai lyrics

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These are one of the best romantic songs. You can select according to your choice. Even I have covered almost all old and new romantic songs. If you have a good list of Romantic songs in any language, do share your list here.

I think in the world there are two things that would never end one is love and another one is romance. These two things are strong influence into the world. People will get mad at these things. In real life also everyone feels hero and heroine, they want to romance with a real spouse. I hope these songs made your day. There are so many songs available but we always want best songs. That 8767 s why today here I will give a full list of best romantic Bollywood songs list.

I was in my teens when a song called ‘mere pyaar ka ras zara chakhna’ freaked me out so much that I started to have second thoughts about ‘love’. The song’s representation of how people behave in love got me a little (read very) the hero goes full-on creep on the heroine, & it’s shown to help him reach his end goals, it doesn’t really discourage impressionable boys from taking that toh, rukiye toh (Yes Boss) Excuse Me (Style) Apun bola tu meri Laila (Josh)

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Everyone wants to romance with their better half. There is nothing wrong. Would you like to impress your spouse just take a look here I am giving best romantic songs in Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi and other? We never get bored by listing these songs. There is a so much of inner meaning that melts your heart.

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