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Hot Water Music Tickets

Had a great time at the jamboree last night all three bands killed it. Drummer from the bundles was great. Song was good on floor but better on top floor.

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The show was very exhausting with all the moshing and dancing, and by the end my voice was scratchy from singing with the band. They spanned all of their albums in the set, from Fuel for the Hate Game to Exister, providing a fantastic mix of their discography to the crowd.

Hot Water Music

The crowd is very energetic and constantly in a state of motion, with a vigorous mosh pit and anthemic singing along with the band. The venue was strictly standing room only, with a few seats in the far side of the club near the bar, which was for patrons 76 years and older. The sound in front of the stage was mediocre, but the enthusiasm brought to the show far outweighed the sound.

Hot Water Music represents the Gainesville punk scene with vengeance. They bring the newer style of pop punk and post-hardcore to the near mainstream with their melodic style and heavy hitting guitars. When front man Chuck Ragan isn t working and touring for his solo side project, he is touring with HWM (Hot Water Music) frequently all over the world.

Great show! It s pretty hard to move around in Slim s when it s packed, which doesn t stop people from shoving you around trying to get where they want to go. It has a good sound system, though, and a great energy to it. The venue is well located, close to the Civic Center. The band is awesome to listen to, with many fantastic songs, including some I forgot were theirs. Would definitely go again.