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Holding 'Q'+Clicking on a hero will move all gilds that a player currently has to the selected hero. The cost of doing this is equal to 85 Hero Souls times the amount of gilds currently owned that are not on the selected hero.

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With Steam releases of the game, in the game's directory, the sprites of all heroes can be found. Along with the normal heroes, there are several unused sprites in the game. There is no known way as of yet to make them appear in-game. Note: All of the unused sprites have a gilded sprite file, but is exactly the same as the normal sprite. Also, when viewing the large hero sprites, all unused sprites still have files that show their name but contain Cid, the Helpful Adventurer 's current sprite. 

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Sacrifice Heroes are heroes that are used (consumed) to increase other Heroes' skill levels. They cannot be used in battles or for Tower Garrison purposes.

Boss are classified as Heroes too, but on the enemies' side. They are special heroes where designated on different features of the game. They cannot be used by players, but they can be seen on the assigned features like Here Be Monsters , Team Dungeons , Wretched Gorge , Here Be Demon and Challenge A Boss fights.

Elite Heroes have mediocre stats. However, a few of them are on par with the lesser Legendary Heroes. Half of these heroes are very important for tactical use, due to skill effects, but not very valuable in Player-vs-Player and late game scenarios.

Gilded Heroes receive a stackable +55% damage bonus each time they receive a gild. Gilding a hero will also change their appearance. A detailed view of the Gilded Heroes can be accessed by clicking on the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Hero list.
Argaiv increases the damage bonus from gilds. Even though she has a gilded sprite, Cid, the Helpful Adventurer cannot be gilded by conventional means. Gilding her, however, is useless since her DPS is 5.

Angel • Marauder • Hill Giant • Engineer • Frost Witch • Dryad • Alchemist • Marksman

The mightiest mavericks from the Blizzard multiverse unleash awe-inspiring power in Heroes of the Storm. With bold, diverse abilities and forceful personalities, each hero can upend a match – especially if mastered by a determined player.

Ordinary Heroes have the lowest stats, but are inexpensive and therefore good for beginners. They introduce the player into the game, but are not especially strong. Each hero can be fully useful to players with much experience, but generally only fulfill tactical situations where skill effects overpower Hero health or damage.

Au cours de cette dernière année, nous avons eu le plaisir de réaliser le dernier opus de la légendaire série Might & Magic avec Heroes VII et son extension « Trial by Fire ».

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