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Cartman has nothing against Tweek (even electing to replace Kyle instead of Tweek initially when they wanted to let Bebe in the group in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society "), but Tweek seems to harbor some dislike for Cartman.

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In " Pandemic " and " Pandemic 7: The Startling ", the boys formed a Peruvian flute band with Craig Tucker. They played " Mary Had a Little Lamb " at an outdoor mall in Colorado, where they were arrested by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Stan often groans, "Aw-awww!" when he's upset or in disbelief, which seems to be an inherited habit his father does this sometimes as well. This is the same catchphrase Trey Parker used in BASEketball .

Stan is generally the most tender and sensitive of the four boys. For example, in " Kenny Dies ", he finds it difficult to see Kenny in his ill state, and in " Raisins " he becomes depressed after losing his girlfriend to Token. Also, in " Fun with Veal ", Stan is the only one who stopped eating meat completely when the boys found that veal was actually "tortured baby cow." However, in some episodes he doesn't seem to care when people die, as in " Dances With Smurfs " and " Chef Goes Nanners ".

In many episodes, Stan sums up the episode's main points in a small speech that often begins with, "You know, I learned something today." However, it is more common for Kyle to do it, and a few other characters such as Cartman and the Mayor have as well. Stan is often shown with his hands in his coat pockets as he walks, or when in deep thought.

Stanley "Stan" Marsh is one of South Park 's main characters along with Kyle Broflovski , Eric Cartman , and Kenny McCormick.

In " Fun with Veal ", when Stan was hospitalized with 'vaginitis', Cartman seemed concerned and was relieved that Stan was saved just in time. This is a rare occasion when Cartman has put his friends in front of his own personal gain, as he helped Stan stop people from eating veal even though he did not get anything in return for it and would be starving himself for days. He also tells the FBI negotiator that "There's a sick kid up here" (referring to Stan) when negotiating to release the calves, showing that he is worried about Stan's health.

Filing a False Police Report : In " The Wacky Molestation Adventure ", he lied to the police about his parents abusing him.

In " The Passion of the Jew ", he is disgusted with The Passion of the Christ, calling it a "snuff film" and going, along with Kenny, to Mel Gibson 's house to get their money back. Mel Gibson turns out to be insane and rabidly masochistic, and attacks the two of them with a gun in a manner reminiscent of Daffy Duck after Stan calls him "daffy". Stan and Kenny then steal the money from Gibson's wallet and flee back to South Park, pursued by him. Later, when Gibson asserts that Stan cannot say that his film sucks because it is saying that Christianity sucks, Stan counters by saying that Christianity is fine, but focusing on how people died ends up with really bad results, convincing the town that Mel Gibson was wrong all along.

Notably, Tweek can be seen with Craig in the majority of his background appearances. In " Ginger Kids ", they are trapped in a cage together, and in " The Wacky Molestation Adventure ", they are on the same side of the town. In " I'm a Little Bit Country ", Tweek is seen working in the same study group as Craig, in " Make Love, Not Warcraft ", they're playing football together along with Token , Clyde and Kevin , and at the end of " Proper Condom Use ", they can be seen standing next to each other. Tweek also hides scared behind Craig in " Marjorine ", when they are all spying on the girls' house. In " You're Getting Old ", they sit next to each other at Stan 's birthday table. At the school assemblies, they are often seen sitting next to each other. 

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