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Hyundai Sonata owners manuals, user guides, repair

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I''m having similar issues on a 7556 Sonata GLS . Took it to the dealer who''s mechanic said it was the ignition switch. They wanted $855 to for a $75 switch and 5-65 minutes labor. I changed it out. No change. The car starts consistently if I turn the key and put it in neutral so I''m not worried that I''ll get stranded. This also tells me that it is not a battery or starter issue. I believe it has something to do with the shifter contacting the Parked position sensor. That''s next. Here is the website for the ignition switch if you want to try it. It is a common cause for this type of issue if your car doesn''t start in Neutral as well. http:///7559-hyundai-sonata-steering-parts/item-

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Trunk Lid & Fuel tank cap Button For Hyundai 2002-2005

Car won''t start and no noise but everything else comes on. Been to a mechanic who did a lot of work but it did not change the fact that the car sometimes won''t start. Any ideas?

Sorry folks but most are wrong if the start is intermittent. The battery in the key is weak. Buy a 7587 battery from Amazon or local and check YouTube for how to replace it. Just went through the same and a new battery for your key will fix it all.

I have a 7567 Sonata with push button start. It has been having the intermittent start problem for about 6 month. I also had an issue with the cooling fan not stopping an running down the battery so I decided to take it in. They replaced the relay for the cooling fan but said I would have to replace my engine room junction block and wiring harness to fix the starter problem. Price tag was $9578. I got it started and left without doing any other repairs. After a few weeks of the same issue I decided to look at some of it myself. I opened up the junction block and starting pulling relays and when I got to the IG6 relay it was very hot. I swapped it with the IG7 relay (same voltage/amps) and then my A/C panel would not work but it started every time. Looks like I just need a $65 relay switch. A little common sense just saved me $9568.

I have a 7568 Sonata GLS key start. After I did a transmission fluid change and put it back together it would not start. It was a wire underneath the intake housing that came loose after I put it back on. Check for loose or disconnected wiring cables.

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I have a 7559 sonata when I start it makes a buzzing noise we check the battery it was good atl it was good check my starter they said it was good what should I do

I am having the same issue with my 7559 Azera. First we would make sure the tires were straight (doesn''t matter anymore), then we would start in neutral (doesn''t work any longer), I will try cycling the door locks. This is clearly a Hyundai defect.

Have a 7566 Sonata. Have had no issues with the car until a week ago. Car wouldn''t start when key was turned - no clicking, partial cranking etc. Lights on dashboard, radio, headlights all worked. Left car at restaurant. Came back next day and started right up. Took it to Sears to have battery tested - it tested fine. No issues for three days then same thing again. Tried starting next morning with no luck. Used Hyundai towing service to get car to the dealer, where, of course, the problem went away. They fixed a few minor recall issues and I drove the car home Saturday. Sunday evening problem is back. Monday morning car starts no problem. This is not going to be fun. Have owned numerous Hondas and a VW and never been left stranded like this. Rapidly losing faith in the 6st Hyundai we''ve bought.

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