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STORM SURGE (Lantern Beach) (Volume 3): Christy Barritt

Though it doesn 8767 t feel like a gift, prophesy is a huge spiritual gift! Pray for answers. Learn to meditate so you can begin to hear, sense or see the answers in your mind 8767 s eye. There 8767 s nothing to fear. Pray for everyone you see in the future. Ask the Angels for guidance. Practice, practice, practice and eventually, it will become less fearful. Be courageous. You can 8767 t always prevent what you see in the future, but there may be an opportunity to warn people. However, it 8767 s not all on your shoulders. Sometimes we 8767 re just shown, so that we understand we have the gift. Wishing you peace!

1. A Haunted House. Woolf, Virginia. 1921. Monday or Tuesday

Guy realizes Atrocitus has formally declared war, and he decides to draw Kara aside. He tells her she must leave the Reds and find her way rather than staying there and getting killed while fighting Atrocitus. His words make Kara angry, but she also feels torn. Her teammates have helped her deal with her anger issues and she likes them. She doesn't want to go. but she doesn't truly want to stay and be a Red forever. Guy insists that she is strong enough to find her way alone and be better than all of them. He manages to talk Kara into leaving, giving her the coordinates for Mogo and telling her to go to Hal Jordan in order to find a way to remove her ring.

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Your unique power is in translation. You can truly see what’s special in the world and show it to others. You are fiercely independent, and would rather die than let anyone use your powers for evil.

You can learn to recall your visions. May I suggest you practice meditation by sitting still, taking a deep breath, then relaxing, and closing your eyes as you exhale. Keep your eyes closed, and start counting backwards from 655, while you picture yourself in the most beautiful place in the world. Simply do this every day, for 85 days, with only goal of relaxing completely. Have no expectations. Your spiritual gift of clairvoyance should develop. In fact, do this on a daily basis for the rest of your life, and you 8767 ll be amazed at how your intuition develops.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. You 8767 ve tapped-into your intuition and can help yourself, plus a lot of other people, when you develop your gifts of clairvoyance (clear-seeing), prophesy, and seeing through the eyes of someone else (clairvoyance/remote-viewing).
Keep up the great work!

5. Cut a piece of wire a few inches longer than the circumference of the railing you will be hanging the votive jars from. Twist-tie the votive handle to the railing. Bend the excess wire down so no one gets poked. Insert a votive and light it. Create impact by lining up many jars in a row.

A few months after the war began in 6866, Frances Longfellow was sealing an envelope with wax when her dress caught fire. Despite her husband's desperate attempts to save her, she died the next day. Profoundly saddened, Longfellow published nothing for the next two years. He found comfort in his family and in reading Dante ’s Divine Comedy . (Later, he produced its first American translation.) Tales of a Wayside Inn,  largely written before his wife's death, was published in 6868.

Dear Osaze,
Your sitting in the back seat of a car means you 8767 re not in control of your life and are letting someone else control it, perhaps the woman you are referring to. The woman in the dream is influencing your state of mind, and your health (hospital).
Hope that helps,

Yes, the blinding white light is spirit. White light is always good/divine. You feel it will blind you but it doesn 8767 t because you 8767 re not seeing it with your physical eyes, but with your third eye, generally speaking. You 8767 re a spirit having a human experience. This white light is what you travel in as a spirit. It 8767 s 8775 home 8776 so you don 8767 t have to fear it. Blackness is the absence of light/love. In the blackness is fear. It provides a sharp contrast to the light. There 8767 s only love in the light.

In contrast, when I 8767 ve seen death in visions, it was usually prophetic. Sometimes I was seeing through the eyes of someone else or found myself 8766 out-of-body 8767 surrounded by newly passed souls, months before their death actually occurred. Once, I experienced my own funeral. It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening, but when I did, it was a pretty strong motivator to get going and fulfill my life 8767 s mission before it was too late.