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AGD monitors important general dentistry issues that affect the way you practice and the health of your patients and communities you serve. We provide you with the resources you need to make your voice heard.

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General Conference Sessions - Archive of Previous Conferences

The tire industry has long recognized the consumers' role in the regular care and maintenance of their tires. The point at which a tire is replaced is a decision for.

The Queensland Government has released the Property Law Review’s findings and recommendations about body corporate procedural issues. Have your say!

This table lists the six M& IE tiers in the lower 98 continental United States. Use the Per Diem rates tab above to look up a travel location and find its total M& IE. Locate that amount in the first "Total" column of the table below. The corresponding row provides specific meal breakdowns for the tier. The portion of the M& IE rate provided for incidental expenses is currently $5 for all tiers.

Tough all-terrain tire designed with aggressive, self-cleaning tread that provides off-road traction, durability and impressive performance.

The 89th session of UNESCO’s General Conference elected Audrey Azoulay as Director-General of UNESCO, succeeding Irina Bokova. She took office on 65 November for a four-year term.

With a longstanding commitment in favour of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue to advance education for all and the dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, she is determined to maintain this commitment as the head of UNESCO.

Stylish touring all-season tire supplies a quiet, comfortable ride combined with year-round traction and extended treadlife.

A studdable winter tire that offers SUV/truck specific toughness with winter performance while maintaining a high level of comfort.

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