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NASA's Bradford Smith, tour guide for Voyager missions, dies

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:34

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"Brad was one of few who had the foresight to recognize the satellites and, later, the rings of the outer planets would be as fascinating as the planets themselves, and the need for a high-resolution imaging capability to address both," Porco recalled in tribute to Smith on Facebook.

W*: And for cocktails?
PKS: In Palm Springs I like to find an old-school vibe with a vintage flair and expert bartenders: Melvin&rsquo s, Spencer&rsquo s and Bootlegger Tiki for a Martini, Old Fashioned or Mai Tai. 8758 I&rsquo m also a big fan of Truss and Twine, adjacent to Workshop.

W*: How did growing up there influence your work?
PKS: The scale of the desert, the sense of space as you see the horizon line, and the changing colours and light of the surrounding mountains, valley floor and sky are all highly inspirational for me. There are incredible natural light phenomena that happen here every day. The only requirement for seeing them is to slow down and to spend the time to see the shift and change.

8775 When I first started writing this book, post-grad school, I had had this novel that I had worked on for a while that I was having a lot of trouble finding a home for, and I was working in publishing, and having these editorial jobs that were not really what I felt I wanted to do, and not really things that I felt super proud of, or that I felt like were really challenging, and so I was kind of in this place where I was like, my parents had invested so much in trying to help me find my way doing these creative things that I 8767 m passionate about and I 8767 m completely letting them down, and I 8767 m letting myself down, and so I think that more than coming out of a place of rebellion, it came out of a place of feeling insecure, and that I was sort of like, maybe I can explore some of these feelings in this book. 8776

Explore all the new frame colors and dazzling ChromaPop lens options. Performance wrapped in a lifestyle look that's sure to stand out in a crowd.

W*: Which iconic house would you urge Modernism Week visitors see?
8758 PKS: I still am really drawn to architects&rsquo own designed homes. Rarely open to the public (only during Modernism Week) Frey House II is my favourite iconic house. Perched up above the Palm Springs Art Museum on the side of San Jacinto, Frey&rsquo s intimate masterpiece employs steel, glass, concrete block and the boulders of the mountain side as his construction palette. And if you get a chance to sit at his former drawing desk and look out over the expanse of the desert, I think you&rsquo ll realise that only beautiful designs can spring from that desk.

Any Smith machine you get may also come with some extras too. You can always look for one that comes with a chin up or pull up bar, which has actually become quite standard on many Smith machines.

Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco who worked with Smith at NASA called him a "visionary" who pushed for changes in optics on Voyager cameras and the hiring of scientists with expertise in geology and planetary rings.

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