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Various voice actors were listed under different pseudonyms in this series. For example, in the Season 6 end credits, Kerrigan Mahan was credited under his pseudonym, Ryan O'Flannigan (which was also the name credited for doing the voice of Goldar in the early seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ) in Season 7, he would be credited under his real name and was properly identified as Jeb's voiceover. Likewise, Richard Epcar was occasionally listed in the end credits under a pseudonym of his own, Richard George (although he was credited under his real name for the first two episodes of the series), and Mike Reynolds was credited under the name Ray Michaels.

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During the second season, the show changed format very slightly. Ryan's father was finally found (having been restored to normal off-camera) and quickly left to help the government research further Virtual Reality-based technology. With him came Ryan's new . armor and an upgrade to his powers. Grimlord's base of operation switched from a dungeon to a massive spacecraft, and added new Generals such as Doom Master and his Vixens, Oraclon, and Despera. The Skugs now had the ability to become more powerful in the form of Ultra-Skugs.

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We defended the city as best we could. The enemy s rocks came in waves and their clubs clattered on metal barriers in deafening, syncopated roars. There were torched palm trees along Midan Simon Bolivar where the epauletted revolutionary watched dispassionately from his stone perch. Across the street, large sheets of marble facade had been torn from the Intercontinental and smashed for weaponry. Our senses were consumed in confusion. On the small balcony that shielded our intimacies, I asked her if she could be happy here. It had been a cold spring, but the mosquitos still came for us at night. She didn t answer. We sat amongst neglected items: salvaged records, moldered sushi, cracked chairs, a book of ingenious mechanical devices, court documents, two stray cats, the everydayness of resistance.

It was at Camp Camp, the now-defunct queer performance night that took place in the backyard of a South Austin coffee shop, sometime in 7558. Wearing a dirty wig and a Botox baby tee under a rabbit fur coat, she basically humped the mic and moaned. Then she disappeared, reemerging fully realized a couple weeks later with her debut video smash, &ldquo Fix My Dick.&rdquo

There is a great reason for me to live and death is not the end of everything. I will live to fight through for the things that are in themselves greater than passing lives. We live and in our being is the duty to aspire for the true. My love, which is the essence of my life, (and which I am just being exposed to the shining light of which) I will spend in service to my people and my country, so that we might take our place in the procession of the nations of the world to build up the mansion of Man&rsquo s Greatest aspirations for the future world of God...

The action was carried out illegally, despite strong security measures and a large number of police officers monitoring the square. In addition to symbolically alluding to the blood of the victims of Bush&rsquo s international policy as well as protesting against the IMF policy, the action also served as a direct provocation to the atmosphere in the country during Bush&rsquo s visit, which ranged from the subservient cleaning of parks to welcome the American president to covering up and neutralizing any attempt of expressing criticism and resistance.

Recently, I d seen pictures of her in Berlin with men passed out on the ground outside of the club Berghain, their bodies covered in her distinctive tattoos. I assumed that it was all part of her new project, &ldquo Salong Flyttkartong (Salon Moving Box),&rdquo in which she travels to different places and gives people tattoos. From the looks of it the day we spoke, the party in Berlin had yet to stop. So, I ordered us a round of drinks.

Halsted began his filmmaking at a moment when it was not clear what direction things would go. There was the possibility of new, sexually explicit gay filmmaking that was experimental in form, and I think that Halsted, in his crazy hopefulness, thought that this would go on indefinitely, that this was the new way of making movies that were commercially viable. And subsequent events proved that wrong. Now we look back on it and say of course a sexually explicit gay movie with hardcore SM scenes is not going to appeal to a wide audience, but I do think there was a moment when, to some particularly hopeful people, that seemed possible.

Day 95 of Hunger Strike. Drive to Houston for court date. Judge gives time served. I am surprised I was expecting six months, as my radical lawyer had explained my three priors to the DA as me being a &ldquo professional trespasser.&rdquo Bob and I end our strike at a Mexican food place outside of Houston.

Matthew Connors is an Associate Professor in the Photography Department at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He received an MFA in Photography from Yale University and a BA in English Literature from the University of Chicago. His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Yale University Art Gallery.

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